The mountain has always been the essence of Osklen, this season looks at Aspen in the 60’s and rustic Patagonia for the fall/winter 2013 collection Into The Mountains. We love the use of graphic alpine prints mixed with soft chamois leather, neoprene and sheepskin for a textural and sophisticated sports luxe feel

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esioulecadnac asked:
Aaaah I got to say..I follow you on Instagram and you seem like the most down to earth girl! I'm Candace, I'm 18, I'm from STL and I'll be attending FIDM-LA this summer in July and I'm really excited but nervous about the environment and the types of people I'm going to meet. I came across your profile when I was searching FIDM tags on Instagram and I love your style, and your personality seems like it rocks! Lol.. I just wanted to introduce myself!

So sorry I just saw this! That’s so sweet! Totally hit me up it would be great to meet you! What is your major :]